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  • Learn about the Permaculture farming skills which is organic  way of producing our foods.
  • Accommodation (Tent house Stay or Homestay)–Depends Upon the Availability
  • Organic meals produced at farmhouse
  • Learn more about local Nepali village life, culture and language and interact with them.
  • Stunning view of sunrise, sunset and Phewa lake

  • Nepali |English | Hindi
  • 3000 ft.
  • 1- 10 people

This is an organic farmhouse located at the beautiful village Sarangkot Pandeli which is just 8 km away from Pokhara and 30mins car drive from Pokhara valley. 

We started this farmhouse back in 2017 to adopt organic farming and permaculture techniques to produce our vegetables and salads by giving permaculture training, distributing Non-GMO seeds, sharing the ideas and skills with the local farmers around our area and giving awareness of Organic farming to the group of more than 35 farmers who reside inside Sarangkot Village and comes from poor family background.

Sometimes it’s very hard to get the organic seeds and plants for our farmers who lack the knowledge about how to preserve seeds and harvest it on time. So, we assist them in this knowledge sharing process and also distribute the plants of vegetables free of cost to them during the different season of time.

If we got more supply of vegetables and salads we also supply them to nearby Pokhara City by collecting from our local farmers and also planning to get involved in an Organic selling market at Pokhara. We work in collaboration with the French association, who provides us with Non-GMO and reproducible seeds, fighting against big non-ecological industries as Monsanto. We are also interested to produce the other breeds of seeds outside Nepal which are GMO-free and non-sterile.

Currently, our farm has its own vegetables 4 Greenhouse Garden, 1 Mandela, 12 Adult Cows, 3 Baby Cows and beautiful surroundings to relax your leisure time. The aim of our farmhouse is to develop sustainable and organic agriculture practices by producing non-GMO, non-sterile seeds for us and to the Local farmers around this area and self-sustain economically because young adults from our village are migrating to Gulf countries as a cheap labor and we want to attract them on farming locally.

This farmhouse is also the training and distribution center of seeds and vegetable plant for our local farmers around the Sarangkot village where you can chat with them, listen to their farming experience and exchange the organic farming skills. we hope your stay on this farm will be very happy and cheerful.

We are also eager to learn the new agricultural skills & Techniques from our volunteers which can be suitable for Nepali soil. We achieved to build 40 greenhouses in 40 different farms of our village, creating a collection of organic oriented farmers. We are also very environmentally aware for the use of Plastic and Garbages. We have provided the proper bin around our farmhouse and around the padeli viallge where our volunteers can throw the garbage to dispose it properly and keep its original beauty.



  • Permaculture Agriculture training given by our farmers
  • Milk our lovely cows if you are interested to do so
  • Experience Nepali Cooking Class in our farmhouse Kitchen
  • Gardening, Planting and Harvesting seeds of vegetables and salads at our farmhouse
  • Teach language classes, English, Math, Science and Computer skills at Government school nearby
  • Hike Sarangkot view top Sunrise Tour
  • Meet with local peoples and Learn the Nepali Language, Culture and traditions
  • Learn about the Nepali festivals and get involved with it
  • Opportunity to exchange farming skills and meet with the local farmers
  • Beautiful night view of Pokhara Valley and Early morning Sunrise Sightseen
  • Yoga by yourself from Stunning Pandeli Park view point
    Jungle Hiking and wildlife watching


The accommodation is simple in the farmhouse. You’ll live like the Nepalese people and learn interesting things about the Nepali culture and family environment. We have two beds in a room and if we got more volunteers we will find the local villager as a host for you to live in a Nepali Home.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner everything organic produced at our farm and included.


This farmhouse is on the middle of the Pandeli Village and we expect our volunteers to keep considerably silent and peaceful during the stay.

We hope our volunteers to respect the local culture and tradition of Nepali people and always feel free to interact with them

Please don’t throw your garbage, mainly plastic randomly. You are always welcome to throw your garbage at the farmhouse where we have provided the Bin & there are some bins on the Pandeli area where you can put your garbage.

We strongly recommend for your personal medical insurance during stay on this farm.

In case of any emergency, please don’t hesitate to ask any member of staff (Varat, Arjun and Aabiskar).



You need to pay the price fully before Boarding to the Farm for your intended stay time period (Extended day price can be paid at farmhouse).


We can arrange the transportation service from Pokhara to Pandeli Permaculture Farmhouse with some extra charge or you can travel using the public Bus.


  • Accommodation (Tent house Stay or Homestay)–Depends Upon the Availability
  • 3 times meals every Day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) - All organic and produced at our Farmhouse.
  • If on group, Daily morning Nepali language class (At least 5 people on Group)
  • Every week Friday & Saturday off if you are volunteering at Farmhouse
  • Saturday and Local Holidays off if you are Volunteering and Teaching Kids at Government School


  • Campfire and BBQ party as on demand (But not too Noisy)
  • Both way transportation to and from Pokhara


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  • Departure dates are 100% Guaranteed
  • Farm House Experience and real Nepali Village Experience
  • 100% Organic Meals Provided
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