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Members of NTB NATTA and IATA


We urge to all the Foreign travelers who are visiting Nepal please, book your holidays or any travel activities through the registered Travel agents with the Nepal Government so that you have peace of mind to secure your Holidays and plan it perfectly and safely for the rest of your stay at Nepal. Don’t book with any individuals or brokers which is illegal and if caught while doing so, you will be penalized heavily.


EEM Travel is a registered Travel Company with Nepal Government and it is also registered with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and it follows all the standard rules and regulations set by the Government of Nepal. Nepal Tourism Board is a Government organization of Nepal established in 1998 by an Act of Parliament in the form of partnership between the Government of Nepal and the private sector tourism industry to develop and market Nepal as an attractive tourist destination throughout the world. The Board provides a platform for vision-drawn leadership for Nepal’s tourism sector by integrating Government commitment with the dynamism of private sector. NTB is promoting Nepal endless Tourism Potentiality in the domestic and international market. For Nepal Tourism Website visit : https://www.welcomenepal.com/


EEM Travels is an active member of the Nepal Association of Tour and Travel agents called NATTA. Fifty years have elapsed since NEPAL ASSOCIATION OF TOUR & TRAVEL AGENTS (NATTA) came into existence and we are proud to be a part of this reputed organization that monitors all the Travels activities within Nepal.

It was established in 1966 AD (2022/11/27 B.S.) by a group of leading travel agents, who felt that it was the time to work together to formulate sound business principles and to regulate the travel industry in Nepal.

The primary purposes of NATTA have been to protect the professional interests of those engaged in the travel trade business, to promote its orderly growth and development, to safeguard the traveling public from exploitation by unauthorized dodgy agents.