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Founded in 2013, Explore Evenmore Tour & Travels is a local independent Tour Operator based in Pokhara Nepal who operates tours all researched & designed visiting locally by our group members. The idea of an opening travel company in Nepal was during the higher study in London. Although Nepal can offer lots of unique & authentic travel experiences, there is a huge gap to market these products to the right customers throughout the world. We found very few promotions to Nepal Travel Products & country is lacking to generate enough economy from its huge scope of the tourism industry. After Graduation, move back to Nepal and started travel company organizing trips which are offering a variety of community-based tours of this Himalayan Nation under sustainable tourism ethics.

Since 2018, we have been selected as a partner company from the Import Promotion desk, Germany to operate & get training on how to organize sustainable travel packages from Nepal.   



We specialize in organizing Nepal’s community Homestay Multi-day Trips with combination of learning Nepal’s diversity Culture & Adventure Tourism which are carefully researched & selected.

We are experts in selling authentic & sustainable holiday packages to Nepal which will make impact lifetime unique memories to our guests.

We operate all our trips in a Sustainable & Responsible way impacting minimum to the Environment, respecting traditional Lifestyle and culture of host communities & tour areas.    

We Care About Tourism Carbon Footprint & Develop Our All Tours Accordingly to Make Them Environment-Friendly & Carbon Neutral.



Tourism is one of the world’s most powerful economic industry which have impacted directly to the local people. Nepal is generating nearly 7.9 % of its GDP in 2019 from the Tourism industry & supporting more than 1 million of Jobs.We operate our trips in such a way that more than 60% of the money paid by you spent locally like, Using Local guides, potter, female guides, Staying in Tea houses & community homestay’s running locally from rural Himalayan villages. Which has a huge impact on a running day to day lives of these host communities. This also helps to sustain and encourage them to live at their original remote place of this mountain Nation.


We operate almost our trips which are located at different places of Nepal’s remote villages for our guests. Nepal is a multicultural, multi-ethnic and multilingual country and there are around 126 ethnic groups and 123 spoken languages within this tiny nation.
Their way of lifestyle & culture is really different from each other and you will be surprised to see all of this how Nepali people are harmonically live each other and help each other. Nepal is not just about mountains it is all about People and their friendly behaviours and to preserve their unique lifestyle and culture is our main goal to deliver sustainable tourism in Nepal.


Nepal is one of the prone areas for climate change because it has one of the biggest mountain ranges throughout the world in the north part of the country & it’s connected with Indian Plains.
Global warming impact is real in Nepal so even a small change in rain patterns in the country can make floods to thousands of poor people in Terai. So, it’s our responsibility to conserve Nepal’s Environment as a responsible tourist. We operate our trips where we discourage to use plastics bottles to buy our guests & conserve its diverse wildlife. We also discourage doing campfires which cause deforestation. We promote our suppliers who are using renewable sources of energy like solar energy in teahouses and many other environments friendly activities & awareness program with our host communities and staffs (Guides & Potters)


Providing the quality of services is the main focus of Explore Evenmore Tour & Travels and you don’t have to worry about anything. Just book your Travel activities with us and we are here to help you to give the best customer service throughout. You can complain, give us positive feedback and suggestions whatever you feel and we will definitely try to resolve your issues placing it on a high priority list.


We may be first Nepal’s Travel company which offers a hassle-free online booking system where you can book our trips directly from our website wherever you have got internet access. We are technology friendly company and invested our strategy to make our trips available online by taking payments from International Mastercard, Visa card and UnionPay.


Our holidays are all designed to meet your travel needs and not ours. Which means that we provide flexible holidays in terms of duration. Some of the Travellers who come to Nepal choose the customized Travel packages so we are here to help you to design perfect Travel packages if you don’t see any of them on our list. Please don’t forget to contact us if you need any customization to travel to Nepal.


Our entire team is professional and have great knowledge & experience of selling holidays packages to Nepal


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